‘Almost Fashionable – A Film About Travis’ Premieres At The Edinburgh International Film Festival


Had you attended any of our shows in Mexico in 2016, you may have been questioned by an English journalist, and filmed by a Romanian cameraman. The cameraman, Cristian Pirjol, shot the “Everything at Once” movie. The journalist was a man called Wyndham Wallace. He is a very charming man and a very good writer but, mostly the reason he was there covering our trip was because he wasn’t the biggest fan of the band. I thought a documentary from this unusual angle would be a lot more interesting than one from a journalist who was a fan. As it turns out, I was right.

For the past year and a half I’ve sat in a suite with my editor, Sarah Iben (“Everything at Once” movie editor) and whittled it from 50 hours, to a concentrated hour long portrait of me and my three mates. 20 years in a band, as seen through the eyes of our amazing fans in Mexico, through the lens of a brilliant photographer, and the microphone of one of the best music journalists around… who wasn’t a fan of the band.

The documentary is called ‘Almost Fashionable – A Film About Travis’ Almost Fashionable – A Film About Travis and at Cannes today, The Edinburgh International Film Festival announced it will premiere there in June this year.

So proud and excited!

Tickets to see the two public showings will be available on the 23rd of May.


And directly from the EIFF site:

Ok. That’s it for now.

See you all on ‘The Man Who’ tour and maybe see some of you in Edinburgh in June.

Fran x

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