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13 Mar:
Travis Announce Scottish Show This Summer
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Acoustic Performance in Switzerland April 2015
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Travis - Taiwan Show Announcement
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06 Jun:
Travis - Singapore Show Announcement
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  Teatro Diana, Guadalajara, MX    monichor
  Pepsi Center, Mexico City, MX    fenririel
  Teatro Diana, Guadalajara, MX    fenririel
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Ode To J. Smith - the new album

Travis will release their sixth studio album, Ode To J. Smith on the 29th of September on CD, vinyl and digital download.

In 1996 Fran Healy borrowed £600 from his mum to pay for the recording of Travis’s debut single. That track, the rousingly self-descriptive All I Wanna Do Is Rock, was released on their own label Red Telephone Box, with a sleeve designed by Fran.

Fast forward twelve years – during which time they have shifted ten million albums, scored numerous accolades and headlined festivals all over the world – and Travis are back at the helm, having re-ignited Red Telephone Box for the release of Ode To J Smith, their new album released on September 29th.

'Usually I write a bunch of songs over a year and then we record them and piece it together. But this album was born out of a rush of creative urgency; a need to make a record, it has to be amazing. Perhaps that's why Ode To J Smith is the most cohesive thing we've ever done. When you move so quickly there is very little time to reflect. You have to be decisive'.
- Fran.

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