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married. very much in love. youngest of 4 in a great family. art. music. not jaffa cakes though.
bowie,beatles,kinks.spoon, prince,teenage fanclub,the smiths, morrissey, gorecki,scott walker,sam cooke, syd's pink floyd, etc etc
scorcese,altman,spielberg,copolla,kubrick,woody allen,the odd couple,billy liar,the apartment and on and on
paul auster,douglas coupland,kurt vonnegut,george orwell,ian mcewan,cormac mcarthy,and anything with loads of trivial facts in it.
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The Cavern, Liverpool, UK
Reading University, Reading, UK
Music Hall, Aberdeen, UK

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Birthday: Nov-14-1972
Occupation: need to know bassist
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travismx Nov-15-12 5.51am
HoLa Dougi, happy birthday!!! Love from Mexico City!!!
TeAmoDougie Jan-25-11 3.54am
OMG, It's been more than 3 years since you put, on your profile, the picture that I gave you in Argentina! I'll never stop to thank you for that... It's such an honor to be here ♥ :D Please, come back to Argentina, We miss you!!! I have a lot of "Alfajores de Dulce de Leche" only for you ;)LOL XOXOXO
cranberry13 Nov-14-10 5.16pm
Happy Birthday
Bianca1312 Nov-14-10 8.44am
Happy birthday!
Trixi Nov-14-10 5.06am
Happy Birthday, Dougie! =)
barby Aug-16-10 2.58pm
I hope you're Ok. :D
Airlady Jul-30-10 3.34pm
Dougie, you're the best!))) Miss your chirpy grin))) Love from Russia!)))
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Jul-26-10 11.38pm
I miss you!
Jenniferrose Jul-17-10 9.26pm
Hi, have emailed independiente records about Travis playing at an event. I have no idea how to go about these things, but thought if i dont try i wont get!! so just to let you know and if you can give any tips on the whole booking thing that would be fab! Thanks x ps. learnt today you couldnt play before fran enrolled you in the band, which is pretty impressive!
blomma Jun-18-10 4.24pm
Dougie<3 How have you been? How could I forget?:-)
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