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Fran Fran
Merry Christmas

Posted Dec 25 2012

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Dear all, I hope everyone had a good christmas, surrounded by the people you love. We had alot of fun in Berlin today. Santa was covertly filmed delivering toys downstairs via a secret night vision camera installed in the living room. Some amazing lego Star Wars toys were unwrapped. A junior Darth Vader... sorry Darth Clayder suit was opened to much excitement. See pic.
Lego was assembled. Papa slept for a couple of hours in the afternoon due to super late night wrapping and running around. We had to borrow a sewing machine to alter the darth Vader gloves for clay as I'd mistakenly ordered massive adult ones! Thanks mum...
Clay almost didn't get his Christmas presents though. On Friday evening in London, on my way back from Nigels studio, I put the box they were in, down on the floor of a corner shop whilst getting some change out my pocket. The next day, as I boarded my flight back to Berlin, I realised I didn't have it. The obvious thought was that it was sitting in Nigel's apartment. I boarded the plane, sat for 5 minutes, then grabbed my shit and got off again. I figured there was no way I was going to get these presents to Berlin unless I took a later flight that day. The cabin crew of the BA flight were really sweet about it and arranged for my bags to be taken out of the hold.
It wasn't until finally getting hold of Nigel an hour later that the real situation came to light.
I called the shop and the man, a very matter of fact Indian guy, told me categorically, there was no box fitting the description. I got to say after this conversation I got nauseous as my brain flew into overdrive trying to figure out how I was going to get these presents (one of which was a discontinued Lego set unopened from ebay )in time for Tuesday. The urge to start crying was overwhelming. I dragged my bones over to the elevator to carry me down to the Paddington Express and just as I was boarding, my phone rang. A familiar, matter of fact voice on the other end said "Was it a big brown box?"
I nearly screamed... Actually I did scream a bit. I shouted that I loved the guy and that he had no idea what a burden had just been lifted from my shoulders, from my soul! I'm going to drop off a present the next time I'm back in town.
Anyways I got home and the rest was Christmas.
I hope you all had a super cool time. I can't wait to get our new album out to your ears in 2013.
Warm Wishes
Fran x

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