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Fran Fran
DAY 21 : Norway : Album 7

Posted Nov 06 2012

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Last day.
We did a load of stuff today. Tracking backing vocals, percussion, tidying up loose ends, correcting little details that were bugging us. The First line to Another Guy was not sitting right for instance. My timing was microseconds out. It's boring but the difference is huge.
So we now have a record. Michael mixed as he went so it sort of sounds AMAZEBALLS!!!! ( that's in the dictionary)

Then we packed up all the gear and that was that. My case is packed. Dougie leaves at 5.30am. That's in 2 hours. Neil and Andy leave at midday. Me and Michael leave at 3.

It's been an unforgettable time. Seems like ages ago we arrived. This place has magic. Our old Man Who desk has magic. I was listening back to the stuff and have no idea how we made it. It was totally effortless. Never been like that ever. There is always stress during recording, always some little drama or distraction which marrs the process but this time... nothing. It all just happened. Thank god we recorded it :)

What's next?

We have 2 weeks at Hansa Studio to review and mix although I would be happy to throw it up on a soundcloud right now... I am joking of course, but it does sound pretty solid. Alongside Nigel, Michael is the best engineer we worked with. And as a producer, a perfect fit.
That's all from us for a couple of weeks. I'll blog again during Hansa.

Thanks for being there, you.
Ohhh Joy.
Night Night.

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