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Fran Fran
DAY 19 : Norway : Album 7

Posted Nov 04 2012

Pictures: 11

Today was fucking hard. I tried to sing the last song first but my voice was tired. So we worked on re tracking the drums on Anniversary. Neil had not been happy with the original. The kit had felt funny when he payed it last night so the other kit, a beautiful old Ludwig, was miked up and he nailed it 1st take... we did some more takes mostly because Neilly was hungry for drummin', and then Ante and Bernt arrived to cook us all bye bye dinner.

What a feast!! Lars came by and so did Idar. Idar runs the studio. Ante and Lars built the studio. Ante's papa Arvid is a silent partner. He is a great old guy with a face that speaks to you without lips moving. Ante's and Lars's wives came too. The band all have a crush on Ante's wife. I feel sorry for girls who walk into a building with men who haven't seen female company in 3 weeks...
We ate. Edd's put on sounds.

As the party got started i slinked off to do some singing. I should have just partied because no matter how many times i tried, I couldn't reach the high bits. They weren't that high though. I think they inhabited a blind spot in my range. Felt thoroughly dejected and sat for 10 minutes in a big fat huff. I asked Michael if he could pitch the track down a semi tone and after fiddling for 30 minutes, i tried again. Better this time. I did a bunch of takes then called it a night. Will review tomorrow.

We partied a bit more before taxiing into Alesund to a bar there called Anno. I spoke to a guy called Arne who is a hit on youtube. Will post the link when i find it. Neil got attatched to a curly wig so wore it the whole night. It felt like we were out with a Stroke or with Sean Penn's character in Carlitos Way (great movie)
Came home.
Listened to our album.
It gets better every listen.

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