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Fran Fran
DAY 18 : Norway : Album 7

Posted Nov 03 2012

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In Germany, when a construction firm put the roof on a house they celebrate by hanging a big decorative garland from the crane and have a little ceremony. It's a very sweet tradition. The house isn't finished but it becomes a real house when hat rood goes on.
Today feels a little like that.
I got the last track Anniversary, from Michael, dropped it into the running order, moved a couple of songs around and put my headphones on.
It was an emotional moment. I think we have a great record. There are afew little tweaks to be made but it's pretty much done. Later we played it to Edds and Bernt (and ourselves) and their reaction was awesome. I got to say again, I don't think I ever sung so well on a record. My voice still goes really really really high but now there is a new tone in the lower notes that was never there before. I brushed gently with it with the Neko Case song on the solo record but it's gotten cooler in the 2 years since. I was super worried earlier this year as I got a polyp on my vocal chords. The doctor said come back in 3 months and if it had gotten bigger they would have cut it out. I didn't want that. So 3 months passed and I went back and it had shrunk! Then 3 months later it was gone. Amazing. Yet there was still this strange feeling in my throat, like a lump always when I swallowed: Scary. So after puting it off for a couple of months, I went to Harley Street in London to have it properly checked. The doctor said it looked healthy and the lump I had was a phantom sensation created by the muscle that closes at the top of your throat. It was so tight that it overlapped a little and the lump was the feeling of them popping open. I thought ma tea was oot. Such a relief.
All through that period, this year, I was constantly clearing my throat. All my singing on mic was a little weak so I was shitting it slightly for this session.
Anyways it's totally better and, like I said, my voice has come out the other side, warmer, cooler. I dunno. I usually hate my voice but it' on it's own now.
Anyways I am about to lose consciousness. Nighty Night.

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