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Day 16 : Norway : Album7

Posted Oct 30 2012

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Wake up with ringing in my ears and a yen to watch some live music. End up finding, and thoroughly enjoying, some footage of abba live at madison square garden on youtube. I blame the swedish influence of the magnificent michael ilbert.

However the fact that it was at MSG got me thinking about NYC.Started texting and e mailing my pals in New york to see how they were all doing in the wake of hurricane Sandy. Scary stuff. I remember being there for hurricane irene last year and that was like a drizzly day in partick compared to this one. I heart NY.

We prepped for working on track 10 last night and Neil and Michael continued working on drum sounds this morning while I finished a little programming. Neil and I tried to work out the best tempo for this new song which always seemed a little too slow to me.It's called 'daydreams' at the moment.

Once we all start tracking as a band it becomes clear that it's now too fast. So we split the difference tempo wise and start getting very noisy. After a little tinkering with the arrangement we get a workable take by late afternoon.

We're all delighted when our friend (and webmaster) Ed arrives form Glasgow.To celebrate Fran sets up a studio webcam.

Things have certainly changed since 2000.I remember the invisible band webcam being a series of still photographs 1 minute apart. EEEH it were all fields round here in my day etc......

After dinner we start having some fun overdubbing guitars and pianos and I am now listening to Andy play some utterly delicious guitar. It is starting to sound 'very expensive' as Michael would say. Must go and concentrate.

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