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Fran Fran
Day 15: Norway : Album 7

Posted Oct 29 2012

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I think it's day 15... not sure. We are in our last week of recording with a couple of songs to go. Today we worked on Mother... which will become Brother... adding some BV's and guitars. We also took the beginning of the demo (which has a particular sound on it which runs through the whole song) and tacked it on at the beginning of the song. Sounds cool. It's a big opening track in 3 parts.
The weather today was otherwordly. Got my long johns on, wrapped up and took a deck chair down by the water where I wrote the remaining lyrics to New Shoes. The water was so calm. Watching the sun go down on a clear evening is a beautiful sight. Colours gradate, light recedes, shadows quietly cruise over the water. It's true peace.
The moon came up big this evening. It's full. So calm. Crazy to think New York is being walloped.
Downstairs I hear the guys watching some action movie, Michael is leaving. He's telling us what we will be doing tomorrow. "Going loud" it would seem. That'll be track 10. Neil has just prepped the drum sound. We listened to the demo recorded in the Music Building in New York. Madonna rehearsed there in the 80's. That was my first pop star crush. She looked amazing at that time. I cried myself to sleep listening to Crazy For You with my first broken heart. "I never wanted anyone like this, it's all brand new..." Ooohhh I cried like a big blubby baby.

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