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Fran Fran
Day 13 : Norway : Album 7

Posted Oct 28 2012

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What does a hit record sound like?

I can remember sitting on the steps of Abbey Road as the late Chris Blair prepared for the cut of The Man Who debating with Dougie whether Turn should make the cut... someone at the record company had said we should leave it off. We walked back upstairs and told them to roll with it.

We sat and listened all the way through that day in Chris's room. Did it sound like a hit? We didn't know but we all had this overwhelming feeling it sounded like a million bucks.

When the reviews came in we were shocked to find most of them were terrible!! It was scary. Here we were, on our last life and it looked like we were about to duck out of the business forever without a trace. And then things changed.

We got lucky and luckily the record sounded incredible (Nigel's work)
I mention this only because I just heard the latest recording float up the stairwell as the control room door opened and closed and thought shit! it sounds like a million bucks...

By all the rules in the book, Travis should be out of the game. We have taken a long time away and we are 39 and 40 years old... I have grey hair, my balls need a bra, Dougie needs crutches through years of thrusting on stage, Neilly keeps coming into the room and asking for his Crankies video and Andy is on soft food. Yet this cool thing is emerging.

Anyways, we moved onto song 9 last night. Called New Shoes. There are some lyrics missing so I must write them today.

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