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Fran Fran

Posted Jun 30 2008

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We are in The Hospital.

Nigelís studio sits atop the multi million pound tv studio/gallery/conference centre/private club bankrolled by Microsoft co founder Paul Allen. Itís godrich central. Nigels tv show From the basement is shot here. Itís rather good. You should look it out.

B sides are on the agenda for the next 3 days. We arrived back from turkey on Saturday. Revved up, I came in on Saturday evening to set up and do some singing. Neil and dougie would be in on Sunday.

At the controls is Drew. He is Beck's engineer and is pretty handy. He cut his teeth at Capitol Records in LA before absconding to the studio floor at Oceanway where after meeting Godrich, he was introduced to Beck and has worked with the boy wonder for the past 2 years.

I picked up dougie on Sunday. We drove to Covent Garden. worked on a new song, built from a very simple beat and a pulsing pizzicato it reminds me of early Madonna.Think papa donít preach. By the time neil arrived, it was ready for some percussion. I sung it and that was that.

Later on, dougie and I sat and worked on a song he has. It's called tail of the tiger. After an hour, itís all ready so the three of us sit and work it out. By the 4th take weíre nearly ready but itís 1 in the morning so we retire for the evening.

Where is andy? Heís lording it up at Glastonbury of course. Nice. He is due in tomorrow and will be torn to shreds by his loving bandmates.

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